Open Letter to Family, Friends, and Supporters,


I am writing today because after much consideration with my wife and family it has become clear I will not be able to continue running for state assembly. Due to current demands in my personal life, I will not be able to give the constituents of the 24th the full attention they deserve.  I have enjoyed talking with all of you and meeting such amazing people along this journey. I am immensely grateful to the people that have invested time and support to the campaign thus far. Although my campaign has come to an end, the need for change in our district remains. 


Fortunately, my former campaign treasurer and close friend Emily Siegrist has committed to carry the torch and work on bringing a new voice to our district. Emily is a Nurse Practitioner, mother, and involved citizen.  I have seen first-hand her devotion to the change we so need and I hoped to bring with my own campaign.  She will assuredly be an amazing public servant. 


While I will not be able to continue my run as a candidate, I will be working as Emily’s campaign manager and hope to continue working side by side with all of you to change the conversation in Wisconsin and move our great state Forward, into the place it ought to be. 


Warm regards,


Mike Thurow